• Teaching Staff
  • Administration
  • Nursery Nurses
  • Teaching Assistants
  • Midday Supervisors
  • Governing Body
Head Teacher

Mr D Feasey – Whole school Self-evaluation / Child Protection

Assistant Heads

Ms S Marc–  CPD / Coaching / Volunteers / Mentoring / Placements / Ancillary / Wk Exp / Apprentices / Premises/ School Council/ KS2 Maths Subject Lead
Ms L Morris – Assessment / Cover / Timetables / Coaching / Mentoring Trainees / Placements / Curriculum / School Council / MFL
Mrs M Tucker – Safeguarding / Child Protection / Transitions / Induction / Coaching / NQTs / School Council

Inclusion Manager

Mrs C Hodges – SENCO / Inclusion / Shine/KS2 English Subject Lead – Reading

RE Subject Leader

Mrs S Carroll – RE Subject Lead

Nursery St Raphael

Miss S Ahmad –  Class Teacher

Rec A St David

Miss P Jones-Owen – Class Teacher

Rec B St Abigail

Mrs C Van As – Phase 1 Leader

Y1A St Nicholas

Mrs D Scanlon – Phase 2 Leader

Y1B St Francis

Mrs J Harbour/Mrs R Webb-Oliver

Y2A St Nicholas

Mrs S Carroll – R.E Lead

Y2B St Margaret

Mrs N Brenya-Mensa

Y2C St Patrick

Ms A Mitchell

Y3A St Veronica

Miss C Rose

Y3B St Lillian of Cordoba

Mrs S Francis

Y3C St Joseph

Miss J Mason

Y4A St Rose

Mrs E Hever   

Y4B St Anthony

Mr B Asiedu

Y4C St Maria

Mrs A Taylor –  Phase 3 Leader/ KS2 English Subject Lead – Writing/  Music / Drama / Choir

Y5A St Jude

Ms S Mahmood

Y5B St Edward the Confessor

Mrs L Bell – KS1 & KS2 History Subject Lead / KS1 & KS2 Science Subject Lead /Year 5 Group Lead

Y5C St Mother Teresa

Mr D Sneddon 

Y6A St Christopher

Ms C Rooney

Y6B St  Michael the Arch Angel

Miss F Rushton – Geography Subject Lead

Y6C St Brigid

Miss S O’Donovan – PSHE



Mrs K Morcos – PE Lower & Upper School Subject Lead

Mr A Mohamud – PE Lead

MS M Lovett – Spanish Teacher



Mrs C Blackhall – Administrative Assistant

Miss Z Khan – Administrative Officer

Miss J Newton – PA to the Head Teacher

Mrs C Russell – School Business Manager

Mr J Sammut – Caretaker

Miss D Townsend – ICT Resource Manager


Ms V Cronin

Miss S Crow

Mrs A Diniz

Ms C Niranjan

Mrs R Peachey

Mrs R Tate

Ms S Ahmet-Ali

Mrs P Anatsui-Agvei

Miss L Alleyne – Scholastic

Mrs M Balakrishnan

Mrs L Bryan – Co-Ordinator

Miss M Chrysostomou

Mrs M Coku

Ms N Farooqui

Miss B Habtom

Mrs C Joyce

Ms B Jurigova

Mrs I Karczewska

Miss K Lawrence

Miss A Oladapo

Mrs J Otti

Mrs C Poku

Miss J Powell

Mrs N Rees

Miss E Rennie-Fullerton

Mrs E Samaha

Ms G Santacroce

Mrs K Sivathilaga

Miss E Sorrell

Ms R Speight

Mrs E Tonge – PLT PE

Mrs K Trundley

















Mrs A Alfred

Mrs J Begum

Miss L Cowland

Miss C Elliott

Ms J Goodwin

Miss S Lundie

Ms J Pain

Miss T Penders – Senior Midday Supervisor

Miss M Potter

Miss L Powers– TA

Mrs L Slade

Miss R Speight – Senior Midday Supervisor












Foundation Governors

Mrs Natasia Sisarello

Joint Chair of Governors, Resources, Teaching and Learning Committee, Pupil Discipline Committee, Headteacher’s Performance Committee

Appointed by RC Diocese of Southwark

No declared interests

Conclusion of term date: 31.08.2019

Mrs Jeannie Walls

Joint Chair of Governors, Teaching and Learning Committee, Pupil Discipline Committee, Children, Families and Community Committee Headteacher’s Performance Commitee

Appointed by RC Diocese of Southwark

No declared interests

Conclusion of term date: 12.06.2020

Mr Charles Ameyaw

Teaching and Learning Committee , Resources Committee, Pupil Discipline Committee

Appointed by RC Diocese of Southwark

No declared interests

Conclusion of term date: 05.01.2020

Mr Stephen Ashcroft

Resources Committee

Appointed by RC Diocese of Southwark

Wife on Board of Directors of M.U.I.C.O.F Oddfellows, voluntary unpaid position.

Conclusion of term date: 06.04.2020

Parent Governors

Mrs Jane Croft

Teaching and Learning Committee

Appointed by Parental Election

No declared interests

Conclusion of term date: 15.11.2021

Mrs Lianne McGrath

Teaching and Learning Committee , Children, Families and Community Committee, Admissions Committee, Head Teachers Performance Management Committee.

Appointed by Parental Election

Self-employed child minder of children attending St Marks Primary School.

Conclusion of term date: 19.11.2019

Local Authority Governors


Staff Governors

Mrs Denise Scanlon

Admissions Committee, Teaching and Learning Committee, Children, Families and Community Committee

Appointed by Staff Election

No declared interests

Conclusion of term date: 01.12.2017


Mr D Feasey

Resources Committee, Teaching and Learning Committee, Children, Families and Community Committee, Admissions Committee

Ex-officio Appointment

No declared interests


All Governing body appointments are for four year terms.