St Thomas of Canterbury Catholic Primary School

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Chaplaincy Team

Each class has a nominated Chaplain who is an inspirational faith leader and supports liturgy, prayer and the spiritual life of the school.  Our Chaplains are also focused on supporting other members of their class to help lead liturgies, and to encourage their peers to put their faith into action. 

Year One



I like being a Chaplain because I like celebrating Jesus (Elisa)

I like showing my friends how to pray to God (Jacob)

I like to help God (Yakol)

Year Two



I am proud to be a Chaplain.  I show everyone how to pray respectfully.  (Ky’ell)

I like visiting SS Peter & Pauls Church and reading prayers.  (Naomi)

I like reading prayers to the whole school during mass.  (Liepa)

I enjoy leading collective worship in class.  (Hashir)

Year Three


I have a responsibility to help other children learn about Jesus and God. (Gabriel)

I help to lead masses and it helps me to grow in faith.  (Mercy)

Year Four


It is calm and peaceful reading prayers in mass.  (Hazeema)

I like taking part in masses.  It is my responsibility to read the prayers clearly for everyone to hear.  (Bonnie-Rose)

Year Five


I represent my school at masses at the Cathedral.  It makes me feel joyful.  (Gabriella)

I can spread the word of God to the younger children in the school.  (Jedaiah)

Year Six


I feel blessed to learn about God and to be able to spread the word of God.  (Chezka)

I share my beliefs and faith with my friends.  It makes me feel proud.  (Lavinia)

I live out the school's core values and I am a good role model .  (Stephanie)