St Thomas of Canterbury Catholic Primary School

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Religious Education

We aim to provide a caring, Christian community in which each pupil may come to a deeper knowledge and understanding of the Catholic faith and the way in which it seeks to  express  the significance of human life. In partnership with the home and parish, we strive to accompany our pupils as they travel on their faith journey. We believe that the relationship with God should be deepened through the elements of prayer and worship which are woven into the life of the class, the whole school and the community.

We follow the religious programme for primary schools ‘Come and See’. As the name suggests, it is an invitation to exploration and a promise of life for everyone. The programme is based on Scripture and the Tradition of the Church. The programme is underpinned by the theology of Vatican II, starting with Revelation – God Speaks. ’Come and See’ is developed through three themes which are gradually explored each season in greater depths. They are Church, Sacrament and Christian Living.

A threefold process helps the children come to know and understand the teaching and tradition of the Church.

Search – Explore > this is the introduction to the programme where the children’s life explored, the question(s) it raises are wondered at, shared, investigated and their significance reflected upon.

Revelation – Reveal > this is the heart of the programme where knowledge and understanding of the Catholic faith is revealed through the Word, in Scripture, Tradition, doctrine, prayers, rites and Christian living.

Response – Respond > this is where the learning is assimilated, celebrated and responded to in daily life

In the Autumn Term and in either the Spring or the Summer term, whichever is longer, two weeks are given to the study of two other faiths.

Our Education in Personal Relationships Programme is delivered by following the developmental programme ‘Journey in Love’. The emphasis is on secure relationships built on respect for ourselves, our family, our friends and God. The programme is deeply rooted in the teaching of the Catholic Church and links with RE, PSHE and Science.

Prayer and Worship – We seek to make prayer, worship and liturgy real educational experiences and to contribute successfully to the Faith of each individual in the school community.

The Liturgical Seasons are marked by Masses, Services and Assemblies.

Our Priests – We are fortunate to have the support of our Parish Priests. 

Rev Fr Stephen Dias, St. Peter and St. Paul's, Mitcham

Rev. Fr.  Jerry Fernandes, St. Peter and St. Paul’s, Mitcham

Rev Fr Patrick D'Sousa, St. Peter and St. Paul's, Mitcham


Rev. Fr. Innocent Ezeonyeasi, St. Michael’s, Pollards Hill





Our priests assist us in our work with the pupils in many ways. They celebrate Holy Mass with us visit the pupils in class, participate in Lenten and Advent Services and Reconciliation events.

Whole School RE Overview

Whole School Overview

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