St Thomas of Canterbury Catholic Primary School

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Mission Statement


Mission Statement

Our school mission is to develop the whole person to reach their God given potential as we follow in the footsteps of Christ and live out the Gospel Values of Love, Peace, Justice and Forgiveness.

We are a Christian Community with high expectations, whose values are communicated through love, respect, responsibility and sincere relationships with God and all its members. We value our children as individuals with their own unique skills and needs and we recognise the role we have to play in developing them so that they can achieve their potential and make a positive contribution to society and common world. The school recognises that it can achieve its aims only in partnership with parents/carers who are the first and foremost educators of the child.

To provide a safe, secure, loving, supportive environment where all individuals are valued and cared for and have an important role to play with making our school the best it can be.

• To make prayer, worship and liturgy enriching educational experiences and to contribute successfully to the development of the Catholic faith of each individual in the school community.
• To create an active school community which values the individual and promotes respect for others through links with home-parish-school preparation for the pupils’ entry into the wider community regardless of religion, gender, ethnicity or ability.
• To provide a broad and balanced curriculum that is ambitious and meets the needs of every child so that they develop the knowledge and skills to become independent lifelong learners.
• To ensure that all the pupils in the school experience a caring community which promotes the importance of Christian principles in relationships.
• To encourage individuals to be responsible for critically evaluating standards and values in society to enable them to strengthen their own beliefs and wellbeing.

Our Vision

 To provide a happy and safe environment for children to learn and for adults to work; both developing their skills and talents each day. To provide a curriculum that is exciting, inspiring and gives children the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in life. For each of us to reflect on the teachings of Jesus and to try and be the best we can be and to serve one another.