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Summer Reading Scheme 2024


The Summer Reading Challenge is an annual event aimed at 4 – 11 year olds. Children are encouraged to read six (or more) books of their choice during the summer holidays.   This year’s Challenge is called Marvellous Makers and it’s all about creativity! In partnership with Create, a leading arts charity, and public libraries, this year's Challenge celebrates kids' creativity and storytelling abilities. Children will be encouraged to explore new books and stories while taking part in free activities, from arts and crafts to music, dance, and more.  

 How the challenge works

 Children can join at any of our seven libraries. The challenge starts on Saturday 6 July.

  • Borrow books and get reading. You can read any books!
  • Children will get stickers as they progress with their reading
  • Children who complete the challenge will receive a medal, a certificate and the chance to win one of many fantastic prizes.

The Summer Reading Challenge is a FREE holiday activity for children. It's all about reading for fun, aiming to improve children's reading skills and confidence. The Summer Reading Challenge encourages children to develop the habit of reading for pleasure and helps them to read more often and enjoy doing so more.


Today the children have had a wonderful presentation from Sarah at Mitcham Library to tell the children all about the scheme.  The children are challenged to read 6 books (or more) across the 6 weeks holidays but the books must be borrowed from the Library.  The library has a special desk for the children to register.   

So … Let’s Go!