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Year 2 - Pirates Day!




The life of a pirate ain’t easy.
You’ll have to buy lots of supplies.
A parrot for one of your shoulders.
An eyepatch for one of your eyes.

Before you set sail for adventure,
before you embark on your trip,
you’ll need to come up with the money
to purchase a suitable ship.

You’ll need a new chest for your treasure,
a hat and a flag and a plank,
some boots and a spyglass and compass,
which might take a loan from the bank.

Along with this other equipment,
you’ll need a new hook and a peg,
and these are the priciest items;
they’ll cost you an arm and a leg.


Ahoy me hearties, let’s give a big cheer for Pirate Day!!!!




Year 2 have finally persuaded Miss Morris that they deserve a fun day as they have been working so hard this term.    The children have had an amazing day of fun art activities making parrots, they made treasure map pizza's, they did fun colouring and word searches.  They then had a fun time finding clues for the golden eggs that were hidden in secret places. After lunch the children performed their Pirate song to the children in Year 1.  Phew it has been a busy day!  To end the day the mini pirates enjoyed a hearty feast and celebrated true Pirate style!

  A jolly good time was had by all!  Shiver me timbers!!!!!