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Year 4 Saxons and Vikings Day 2024



The Vikings lived a thousand years ago
In Denmark, Sweden and Norway
Sometimes called Norse
They're gone now of course
But we think of them still today.

There were kings who ruled the lands,
And there were farmers and traders.
Jarls were the richer men,
Others were fishermen,
Some were viking raiders.

These raiders sailed to England
In longships made of wood.
They'd burn and pillage
Any small village,
And steal everything they could.

One famous viking was Ragnar Hairy Breeches.
He once raided Paris, in France.
Success brought him fame
But what a silly name!
Who'd want to be called hairy pants?

Famous explorer Eric the Red
Found a place that was windy and freezing.
He called it Greenland
And this, so he planned,
Would make it seem rather more pleasing.

Eric's son Lief was an explorer too
He captained a longship with 35 men.
Clever and plucky
Nicknamed "Lief the Lucky"
He sailed to America and back again.

Vikings believed the afterlife was
A great hall called Valhalla -
A huge feast where
The only men there
Were warriors, men of valor.

Odin was the king of the gods
Worshipped by the Norse.
He had a long beard
But what's really weird,
Is he rode an 8-legged horse.

There were lots of other gods and goddesses,
Like Freya - pretty and sweet,
And mighty Thor,
God of thunder and war,
And Loki, with his lies and deceit.



Today we had a wonderful day in Year 4.  As part of their topic of Anglo Saxons in Autumn 1 and the Vikings this term, the children were suitably dressed in costumes of the era and lived just like the Vikings did, for the day!  There were lots of exciting activities including writing messages in Runes (Viking alphabet) learning about, designing and making their very own shield or brooch and making some very yummy Viking pudding.


It was a wonderful day and everyone had a great time!