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Year 5 @ The Tower of London


Standing proudly on the River Thames The Tower of London was first built by William the Conqueror in 1078. That part of the Tower, the White Tower, is still the centrepiece of the whole castle. It began its early life as a Royal Palace and later became a prison and torture chamber, even execution site.  The Bloody Tower was a prison that had many inmates over the years.   It is most famous for being the last home of the two princes; 12 years old Edward V and his younger brother Richard, who mysteriously disappeared in 1483.     Rumour has it the Princes in the Tower were murdered by their uncle, the future Richard III ……


Strengthen, my Love, this castle of my heart,
And with some store of pleasure give me aid,
For jealousy, with all them of his part,
Strong siege about the weary tower has laid.
Nay, if to break his bands thou art afraid,
Too weak to make his cruel force depart,
Strengthen at least this castle of my heart,
And with some store of pleasure give me aid.
Nay, let not jealousy, for all his art
Be master, and the tower in ruin laid,
That still, ah, Love, thy gracious rule obeyed.
Advance, and give me succour of my part;
Strengthen, my Love, this castle of my heart.


Charles d’Orleans (1391-1465)


Our lovely Year 5 children had the opportunity to visit the Tower of London today.  As part of their topic Crime and Punishment, the children explored the many feature of Tower.  Steeped in history, the children could really appreciate what they have been learning about in their lessons.  They attended a really good workshop too!  A lovely day was had by all!