St Thomas of Canterbury Catholic Primary School

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Parent Testimonials


Last week I went to parents meeting for my daughter in Nursery, I am sending this email just to say I was blown away when I was looking around. I found the provision in place outstanding, giving children lots of different learning opportunities, it’s clear to see that the staff have worked really hard to make the different areas both inviting and purposeful.  My daughter is very happy and I can clearly see why and would like to extend my thanks to all the staff. ~ Nursery Parent


As a parent I would definitely recommend Saint Thomas of Canterbury Primary School.  I attended the school as a child and now my children attend the school too.  I wouldn't fault the school.  The staff are amazing and my children are always happy after a day of school.  ~Year 2 & 3 Parent


Both our daughters are very happy at St Thomas of Canterbury RC Primary School and love going to school. They enjoy learning and take a great pride in their own and their peers’ achievements. They grow and learn in a caring and nurturing environment, where they are inspired to be the best they can be and where they can make friends for life. We are watching them grow into confident, self-assured and caring individuals. Thank you to the teaching staff, support staff, School Leaders and Head Teacher for all you do. I would definitely recommend St Thomas of Canterbury RC Primary School to prospective parents. ~ Year 4 parent  


Early Years at St Thomas made a huge positive impact when looking for a primary school for my children, it so was vibrant and welcoming.  The children were happily engaged in activities.  I love the diversity and parent community and feel that my children have a sense of belonging.  My daughter enjoys her lessons and is eager to feedback about her learning at the end of the day.  My son has now moved on to Secondary school and every teacher he has had has been a positive influence on him, making him feel secure and confident.  I would definitely recommend this school. ~ Year 4 Parent


I would like to express my congratulations to all the staff, pupils and parents involved in putting on a fantastic International Day 2022. I would like to extend a special thank you to Ms Sanna Mahmood for leading on the organisation for the International Day 2022.  

For me, as a parent, it was an amazing afternoon, the children were so happy and proud, and it brought our community together. I have since spoken to few parents from my daughter’s classes and they echoed also what a wonderful event it was.  

As a Governor, I felt the afternoon experience of all the performances, food offerings and the general atmosphere, is something that St Thomas of Canterbury Primary School should be very proud of. The school values of Respect (learning and respecting other cultures) and Relationship (different year groups learning their parts of the show and getting to know each other) were so embedded and visible. What a great promotion of Diversity & Inclusion and British values.  

Thank you for putting International Day on.  ~Year 5 Parent & Governor


I would highly recommend St Thomas of Canterbury, as the Catholic Ethos and Catholic Social Teaching is embedded in to all that they do.  The school is a kind and caring community which has the children’s wellbeing as a main priority and encourages children to be the best they can be.

All three of my children have attended St Thomas of Canterbury, my youngest now being in year 6.   My children have always been praised for their attitude towards education and their positivity to learn as they continue their journey into secondary school, which I feel is due to the love of learning instilled in them throughout their time at this school.  ~Year 6 Parent