St Thomas of Canterbury Catholic Primary School

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Secondary Transition

It is recommended that parents/carers consider what Secondary School is appropriate for their children, and this can be done from Year 5 onwards.

School's hold many opening evenings during the month of September and October and in some instances you are requested to book a time slot for your visit.  It is highly recommended that you visit as many schools as possible with your children, in order to get a 'feel' as to whether the school is suitable for you as a family, and also find out what is on offer.

Closings dates

The closing date for our Year 6 children is 31 October 2022. If you have recently moved or your circumstances have changed an on-time application can be accepted up until 10 December 2022 if evidence is provided. Any application received after the closing date without an explanation or evidence will be processed as a late application and will not be considered until after all on-time applications. 


These should be made online via the link below

Apply now on the eAdmissions website

Presentation - Guidance for Parents & Carers