St Thomas of Canterbury Catholic Primary School

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St Thomas of Canterbury is a creative and vibrant primary school in the heart of the Mitcham Town Centre.  We benefit from a highly committed staff who work well together to ensure every child reaches their potential whatever their aptitude or ability.  We aim to provide the best possible education for our children and value academic, creative, sporting, social and personal development equally highly.  Children are at the heart of what we do and we achieve this through our school motto, ‘To Love and to Serve and Be the Best you can Be’ and our core gospel values of faith, love, justice and forgiveness.

Our children thrive here in a happy, safe and nurturing environment.  Children and staff enjoy their learning and we work closely with parents to create a sharing community where all feel a sense of value and belonging.  Our most recent Ofsted report commented that there was, “strong culture of safeguarding across the school.  Relationships between pupils are strong. Pupils are encouraged to be assertive if any behaviour of others upsets them.  As a result, peer friendships are strong.  Pupils say that bullying is rare and they are confident that adults will always deal with it. Pupils are clear that they feel safe”.  Ofsted 2017.

So why St Thomas of Canterbury?  We have fantastic facilities to enable us to deliver the best possible education, from our sports arena and running track, DT rooms to spaces for quiet reflection, such as our prayer garden.  We are committed to educating the whole child and ensure we offer an ambitious broad and balance curriculum.  We believe that children learn best when they experience enjoyable, relevant activities and where they are encouraged, supported and appropriately challenged.  We aim to enable our children to become enthusiastic, independent, life-long learners by helping them to develop positive attitudes to learning and the skills and knowledge they need to succeed.  We aim to develop the whole person so they become responsible citizens so that they can make a positive impact in our society. 

If you are looking for a school place for your child, please feel free to come along for our school tour where you will be able to meet our staff and pupils.  Children are welcome to attend.  We look forward to meeting you.