Our general aim is to develop children’s skills of communication in speaking, listening, reading and writing. We aim to create a lively, stimulating atmosphere throughout the school environment to encourage a wide range of language use. We endeavour to develop children’s use of language across all subject areas.

Our English lessons prove to be highly stimulating for our children. They consist of five daily highly focused sessions which aim to teach children the range of skills required to become competent and confident readers.

In Early Years and Key Stage 1 children have daily Phonic lessons to help them develop their reading skills.  We use the government phonics scheme ‘Letters and Sounds’ to teach phonics and supplement this with material from the ‘Jolly Phonics’ scheme of work.

Letters and Sounds

Children read books from a number of different reading schemes in order to stimulate their interest and to provide a variety of material.

In addition to being taught to read and write, children are taught to read “between the lines” and analyse texts, so they are able to develop their grammar and punctuation skills.

The simple model of reading presented by the National Curriculum and delivered through English lessons is then used to stimulate successful writing.

Throughout the school, we place great emphasis on writing. Children have wonderful imaginations and we aim to nurture this by engaging them in story writing, poetry, producing newspaper reports on the computer and writing for a range of purposes and audiences. Much of our early writing is developed though drama and role play. At all times, the children are taught the conventions of writing, ie: punctuation, grammar and spelling. We employ a range of teaching methods to help all our children.

We value all our children’s work and much of it is on display in the classroom and other parts of the school.

All children are encouraged to read a wide range of books including fiction and non-fiction.

Through our topic based curriculum, it is our intent that all children in the school will have access to an engaging writing curriculum and high quality teaching, which enables them to be confident, creative writers no matter their starting point and engenders in them a love of the written word.

In conclusion, our purpose is to help children not only to enjoy and appreciate literature, but to regard reading and writing as essential tools for life.