At St Thomas of Canterbury, we believe that Geography should ignite a curiosity and inspire a genuine interest about the world we live in and its people that will continue on with them for the rest of their lives.

At St Thomas of Canterbury, we enjoy learning about human and physical geography, different people and how and where they live. We strive to promote pupils’ interest and knowledge about diverse places and people around the world, as well as celebrating the diversity we have within our school, as children come from all over the world including; Africa, the Caribbean and Eastern European countries.

Pupils will leave us with the knowledge of the locations of globally significant places, including their defining physical and human characteristics. They will also understand the processes that are involved with these significant human and physical features of the world.

They will leave school being competent in a range of geographical skills, including; carrying out investigative fieldwork, interpreting a range of sources of geographical information and communicating geographical information through a variety of ways.

“Geography: learning to make a world of difference” Ofsted, 2011