The school’s educational programme is intentionally directed at the growth of the whole person: to develop pupils who can accept responsibility, whose lives reflect Christian values and who recognise knowledge is important but its chief value is in giving service to others. We aim to create a Christian Community in our school whose values are communicated through love and sincere relationships between all its members, a community in which each person can develop his or her human potential as fully as possible with a view to a personal commitment to Christ. The school recognises that it can achieve its aims only in partnership with parents who are the first and foremost educators of the child.

  • To make prayer, worship and liturgy real education experiences and to contribute successfully to the development of the Faith of each individual in the school community.
  • To create an active school community which values the individual but promotes respect for others and provides through links with home-parishschool preparation for the pupils’ entry into the wider community.
  • To ensure that the curriculum provides a Catholic setting in which the pupils have an entitlement to grow in understanding and an entitlement to the acquisition of skills, attitudes and values.
  • To ensure that all the pupils in the school experience a caring community which promotes the importance of Christian principles in relationships.
  • To show concern in a school that looks to Christ for the basis of its existence, for all those outside the school regardless of colour, class or creed.
  • To encourage pupils to critically evaluate standards and values in society to enable them to strengthen their own beliefs.