Precis of Emergency Plans

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Précis of Emergency Plans

In the unlikely event of an emergency, the school has developed a Critical Incident Management Plan in line with Local Authority guidance. Our emergency plans have been developed with the care of the children as the priority.  This sometimes means that immediate access to children may not be the most appropriate action for parents to take.

Emergency Plan

The schools generic emergency plan details how the school management team will deal with an emergency affecting the school. This could be fire, snow, flood, power failure, pandemic flu, infectious disease or any other serious impact on the school.

Senior staff have delegated actions in an emergency and other plans may be activated as part of our response.  Arrangements will be put in place to deal with communications, care of the children, dealing with suppliers and any other area.

Emergency Evacuation Plan

Should something happen within the boundaries of the school site, or in close proximity, and we are advised to leave the school, this plan will be activated.

The plan details how the school will be evacuated, where we would go, with alternatives if required; detailed arrangements for care of the children, communication with parent/guardians/carers and collections arrangements if appropriate.

Emergency Lockdown Plan

This plan details how the school will be made secure if circumstances demand it.  When activated, this plan will prohibit access to and from the school with the exception of emergency services personnel.  Children and staff will not be permitted to leave the school during lockdown unless permitted to do so by the Police.

This plan details how parents/guardians/carers will be communicated with; arrangements for extended periods of care; emergency feeding and medical care if required.

Likely scenarios include; intruder on site; incident nearby that could affect the school (i.e. toxic smoke) or on receipt of advice/order from emergency services.

This plan will always be activated on the advice of the emergency services.

We would advise parents to check our school website and our twitter account for up to date information.