Parental Contact Procedures

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Parents are encouraged to share their concerns and celebrate their children’s success with all members of staff.  We recognise that there may be times when parents would like to discuss matters outside of the scheduled parent – teacher consultations.

The school has a procedure in place for when parents have concerns.

In the first instance, parents are asked to approach their child’s class teacher to arrange an appointment to discuss their concerns.  If, after a period of time, parents feel that their concerns have not been fully addressed, they may call the school to arrange an appointment with  the phase leader directly.

Phase leaders are as follows:

Early Years (Nursery & Reception): Mrs C Van As

Key Stage 1 (Years 1,2 & 3): Mrs D Scanlon

Key Stage 2 (Years 4,5 & 6): Mrs A Taylor

Further to the meeting with the Phase Leader, if a parent feels that their issues have still not been resolved,  they are asked to approach the Assistant Head in charge of their child’s phase.

Assistant Heads:

Early Years: Mrs M Tucker

Key Stage 1 (Year 1,2 & 3) : Ms L Morris

Key Stage 2: Ms S Marc

If a parent feels that, after meeting the relevant Assistant Head, the matter is still ongoing, they may call Miss J Newton, PA to the Head Teacher.  Miss Newton will inform Mr Feasey, who will in turn, speak to all relevant members of staff and then contact the parents directly.